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Writer's Block: Featured Tech Question: Go-Go Gadget Wish List! [10/16/08]
Which gadgets, big and small, are currently on your wish list?
A laptop bitch! 8D

i really need one 'cause my dad doesn't let me download alot of stuff. And I could use it for school and whatnot.

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Writer's Block: Unnecessary Objects [10/16/08]
Oscar Wilde, a dandy’s dandy, once said that “we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” What unnecessary possession can you not live without?
I can't live without my computer! I love it so! It holds a lot of information that I have obtained over the years. It also is a good way to keep in touch with others.
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Writer's Block: Church & State [10/16/08]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Should church and state always be separate? Why or why not? What should the nature of their relationship be?
Answer: NO.

It'll only cause confusion and large amounts of money to be lost because so many people are suing. We already have a fucked up economy right now owing trillions to China. And, it's not right to people of other religious practices.

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-Sorry [07/19/08]
[ mood | Guilty ]

  I've had this empty feeling sometime ago as you can see from my other posts, and recently I have found out the problem. It's the way I have been to my friends. I have been a total ass to some of my good friends like Paeden, Omari, Addison, Justin, Jaylen etc. So I want to take the time out to apologize to them individually. Some have broken me off as friends, and some just plain hate me now so I want to apologize.

 Dear Paeden,

I am sorry if I have been a nuisance to you in any way and I want to say I am sorry for being a tear in your fabric of life. I admit I was a bit annoying to you when I thought back but it was because I thought you were cool and not like any other person and you didn't take any shit from anybody but I want you to know I admired you no matter what. I know this apology may not mean anything to you but it does to me so I want to say sorry and I want to be friends this time. I hope you accept the apology. I deeply and sincerely mean every word I say.


Dear Omari,

  I am sorry for what I said about you and I hope you forgive me I want to be a friend again. i really was acting like something I wasn't and I hope your forgive me for what I said. I was stressed that day from my family and I believed false shit I heard from some girl that I don't even care about. So let's be like brothers again. Okay? And please within the kindness of your heart accept my apology.


Dear Addison,

I know you may think we are different but we aren't and I want you to know that. I didn't mean to offend you for what I said. I hope you accept my apology.


Dear Justin Davis,

I am sorry for the way I treated you and I hope that you can forgive me for the mean and crude things I said. Truly you didn't deserve the shit you took from anybody when you were at Phillips and I want you to know that. I've seen you cry because of some of the shit people said to you. Most jokes were of your weight from me but I want you to know that I am sorry for the way I treated you.

Sincerely and compassionately,

Dear Jaylen,

I know I have been embarassing you alot and I want to say sorry. You have been nothing but nice to me and I hope you accept this apology.

P.S I forgive you from the 4th grade. LOL

And to anybody else I hurt and didn't mention I am deeply sorry.

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-MYOTAKU BACK UP!!! WOOT! [06/16/08]
 Today, I was bored while surfing the internet and I thought to my self 'hmm..I should go back to myotaku and change it up!' and I did. I figured I can edit my site because the 2 years I wasn't present to edit it I learned how to and it looks better than ever! And if you wanna see it then....
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My GFX Skills. [06/12/08]
[ mood | accomplished ]

 Lately i've been doing GFX or editing photos to make them look good. I've been trying different things with my own pictures but none can compare to this.. I CAN CHANGE MY EYE COLOR WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP WOOT! Here are some of my pictures...

I like this one. It actually looks like I have green eyes. Or some green-eyed vampire. Its one of my best ones yet.

I'm not sure if you can tell the eye color difference but it's supposed to be mangeta. Why I chose it I have no clue I was just messing around with it. I had just learned. NOTE: Notice the cut.

This one looks good too. I just did this one a few minutes ago. Blue eyes make me look weird though.

As you can see, my GFX skills are getting better as I progress and try things to experiment on. I sometimes use a blank template to make sure i'm doing it right. And the good thing is I can make it for free without photoshop.

Well see you later gotta go work on my GFX skills.


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EMPTY~ [05/31/08]
[ mood | depressed ]

 Today I can't exactly explain how I feel right now. I feel a certain emptiness, I feel like I wanna cry but I can't because at the same time I feel mad. I hate this feeling. Here are the potential causes:

1. Jabari stood me up at the skating rink yesterday when I was waiting there for like a half-hour . Then when he finally answered his mom told me that they were on they're way to his baseball game. I was deeply mad inside when I heard that. I was supposed to meet him at the skating rink to hang out and spend the night at his house but he stood me up, and am pissed at him. IF HE HAD A FUCKING GAME HE COULD'VE AT LEAST TOLD ME ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF MAKING ME WAIT A FUCKING HALF-HOUR AT THE SKATING RINK FOR HIS SORRY ASS! Shit.

2. My best friends left at 6:00 am this morning to go to Japan. And neither one of them even said goodbye. Can you belive that? That made me a bit sad inside.. it brought out the emo in me again.. and I hate this feeling.

3. My mom left to go to the Bahamas today, with a smile. I am going to miss her. I told her to bring me back a big jar of Saltwater Taffy. But I could use it now..

You see people, I let my feelings get the best of me sometimes and I can't help it. I'm only human.

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LM.C Banner! [05/18/08]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I made a Love Moochang banner. Hope you like it!

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YOU IDIOT!!! / HELLO EUROPE!! [05/07/08]
[ mood | good ]

 I.AM.SO.PISSED.RIGHT.NOW. It's true. Because of my brother downloading this thing called Hacker Story I can't even stay on Maplestory for more than 10 minuites. THANKS ALOT ASSHOLE!!
In other news........................................................

 I have news for you all. I'm going to Europe this summer. I know, it's a surprise to me too! I found out last week and I spent all this weekend preparing for my departure in June. I'm also getting a laptop with my own money. It's my auntie's other laptop that she doesn't use anymore so she's selling it for $125. When it's really worth $300. Lucky me! I already have wi-fi so internet acess isn't a issue =/. I'm taking it and my Palm Trio so I can upload pictures of Europe. I hear my friend Jamarius and Ledet are going too! 



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~DOWLOADS GALORE!!! [04/22/08]
[ mood | bouncy ]

 OMG! I downloaded so much music on my computer (if you call 57 songs alot) within the last 30 minuites. I was going crazy! I had to stop myself, I just had to...well here are the artists I downloaded from...

A Bullet For My Valentine
Alice Nine
Antic Cafe
Kingdom Hearts ( the theme songs, battle music, etc.)
Linkin Park
Malice Mizer
Moi Dix Mois

I doubt i'll get a virus like my coputer did last time =/. I have like 12 virus protectors installed into my computer, so hackers BEWARE!!!

Well see ya later!

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~Weekend. [04/21/08]
[ mood | excited ]

  I found comfort in knowing that my mom doesn't care if I go to Hottopic. Saturday my mom found me shopping in Hottopic this weekend and she had a WTF are you doing look when she saw me at the check out register. I was going to piss my skinny jeans when she saw me in there. 

  Then she walked in and had that sort of look like "Yeah, snazzy place yah got here.". I was about to apologize until she said she really didn't care if I did shop there. I.WAS.IN.SHOCK. I couldn't belive it, MY mom let's me shop there. WHOA! GO MOM! 

  Also, when I bought Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the manga series Vampire Knight she didn't care ethier. She usually pesters me about reading about vampires, but she doesn't care. I LOVE THE NEW MOM!! YAY!!!



             Enough said.
                           So long, farwell, Blah blah blah! XDD!

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~Picture Day (Yesterday) [04/18/08]
[ mood | exhausted ]

  Yesterday was picture day. And surprisingly it was kinda fun really. I mean being the camera whore I am, I enjoyed it! XDD Even though I hated the shirt I wore on I edited it in the bathroom. Sneaky huh? LOL. As usual I was last in line because I am the tallest person out of like 300 kids I just happen to be the tallest. It's a gift/curse type of thing. Orlando asked me if he cold borrow my necklace which is kinda like a choker to take his picture in so I did. When it was my turn I was ready with my killer girly smile. 

 After the pictures we practically had an all-day P.E period. I finally got the chance to talk to Damico a girl in my grade who like jrock and jpop and anime. She's awesome. I think I may like her. We walked and talked, the moment was perfect until Orlando grabbed my hand and pulled me about 200 feet away from her. When we stopped I punched him for that reason.  That's when it happened we had to go on lockdown for the rest of the day because someone brought a gun to school. How stupid.

                                                                Well gotta go to the mall bye!

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NEW LAYOUT! OH YEAH BABY! ~_^ [04/17/08]
[ mood | excited ]

 As you can plainly see, I have a new layout by  corrodedcage . I love her layouts!!  After trying and trying and trying to figure out how to get the layout to work, I finally suceeded! Yeah!

                                                                         WHOO HOO! THANX! 


                                                                                  I'M OUT!

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~WEEKEND!!! [04/06/08]
[ mood | drained ]

 My weekend was spectaculary estetic!! I had a chain of birthday parties for christ-sakes. Well read what took place on these special days.

Day 1
This was the sleepover ( which about 3 or 4 of my guests out of 10 didn't come to sadly :/ ). A few guests didn't show up. The guest i was really hoping could make it was Omari. He's like my 3rd best friend and e couldn't come since his dad hurt his leg on some stairs ( Damn you stairs!!! ) And an old time friend ( which I knew he wouldn't come because he lived so far away O_o ) Khalil didn't come because he had a Math team tournament a 6:00 am. I guess he had to do what he had to do after all.


 But the people who did come had tons of fun. Especially when we played hide-and-go-seek  and Addison kept running into my brick wall. He almost broke my chair when he ran slap into it when Jamarius was chasing him. XDDD! He did manage to gain composure after that hit to the face. XD! Pretty much after that we just played Super Smash Bros Melee, Sonic Riders, Soul Calibur 3, DDR, and Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. 

 But here's the good part kiddies! Demario, Austin, and I pranked Jamarius by doing the following and it was hilarious:

1. I put  shaving cream on his head and smeared it all over his face. XD

2. Austin put Mustard sauce on his face knowing he's allergic to it. Luckily nothing happended to him though. Seriously.

3. Mario drew a mustache like one of those baber shop singers, he also wrote "masturbation" on is fore-head and  "I'm gay". It was sooooo mean but at the same time soooooo pleasureable. ^_~

4. We poured alomst half a can of powder on his face. and Austin kept throwing pillows at his face.

 Strangely through it all he didn't feel a single thing until he woke up the next day. Oh and I won't forget how Addison stole my Dialga and Darkrai which may I add were both level 100!! But, luckily I have Action Replay and retrived even stronger duplictates of the two. YEAH! XD

Day 2

After everybody left it was only me and Jamrarius. We chilled for a minuite, then my dad came and picked us up to go to the mall where I bought Custom Robo 2.0 for Nintendo DS. It's really fun!

Later that night we decided to go to the skating rink for a little celebration. Unfourtunately, as I like to call the the BITCHES of my old school were there for my friend's birthday party. She came up to me and hugged me out of the blue sky. RaNdOm!?!?!?!?!?!? A few of my friends didn't show up and they were the ones with the money!!!  But i'm having a sub-party for those who didn't get to come yesterday. GOOD PLAN.

Day 3

I did nothing but sleep and get on the internet!!


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-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!! WOOT! [04/05/08]
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HELLO THERE~ [04/03/08]
[ mood | giggly ]

 This week was so fucking fun!!! I a so serious this is the best time I ever had at school. NO.FUCKING.LIE. The most fun I ever had with my friends at school. The drag is that we have to take the SATs and the ARMT. It's all so easy to me though. I really don't see why I even take it.

 Today Ken did something so random, he bit me on my ear. I know that's so bizzare! XD He saw me looking sad today so that's what he did to make me laugh. Also he did this impression of Mr. Layfield. He was all like  "No sir" or  "shut your mouth" XDDD. I almost pissed my pants laughing out loud and I got in trouble for it too. But I didn't care really, as long as I was happy and laughing my ass off I was cool. But the most disturbing thing today is when Ben took his shoes off, his feet had hair spots all over it. It was gross! YUCK! I almost gagged at the sight of his feet. And the smell was even more horrid than the sight of his feet alone. So I slapped him upside the head to make him put his shoes on.  Yeah.......


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~MY GAIA!!! [03/19/08]
[ mood | accomplished ]

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~Busy Day!! [03/15/08]
[ mood | accomplished ]

 *Phew* It's been a busy day for me today. I had went EVERYWHERE! But now i'm just relaxing on the computer. Now let's get to the busy part!

 The place I went this morning was my cousin's party. It was a skating party. It was funny because all of the little kids were falling everywhere. I mean they were crashing and banging each other!! It was funny as hell XDDD!! The funniest crash I had seen was when a little boy had went so fast that he couldn't stop so he crashed into a game machine and broke it! I mean glass was shattered everywhere, he was screaming " BLOODY HELL" cause his head was gushing with blood and the broken glass caused the other kids to fall in it. It was a day to remember..

 The second place I went to was another skating rink to hang out with some of my friends. I ran into one of my OLD friends named Kayla. She hugged all on me like Gackt's plushie doll. I am so loved <33333! She cursed out this girl for touching her hair! It was so funny XDDD! Those damn skates left me with a bruise on my foot. It hurts like hell. 

                                                 Can you guys go now..i'm reading Vampire Knight on 
                                              I'm on chapter 11. I'm too lazy to read the rest though XP!
                                                                              Later guys!! BYE!!!

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OMG MANA!! [03/13/08]
[ mood | amused ]

OMG you guys have to see this funny video of Mana kicking the shit out of Kozi! It's so funny!! ENJOY!

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12012 Purple Sky Magazine Interview!! O_O AMAZING!! [03/11/08]
[ mood | anxious ]

i had gotten this from myspace on Puple Sky Magazine Update.

Want to get a few notes on Japanese rock band 12012 before Clash against Commercialism? Pick up a copy of the fall 2007 issue of purple SKY (featuring The Captains on the cover).

purple SKY is avaiable at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hot Topic, independent bookstores and online at Lolita Kisama.


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